Are you staying in Sullivan’s Island?

Sullivan’s Island, a beautiful two and a half long barrier island, sits at the entrance of the Charleston Harbor. Moving around the island is a breeze on a Saltwater Rides LSV. Visit the beach, restaurants, retail stores, and Fort Moultrie.


Feel free to move about Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island via the Breach Inlet Bridge. Our LSVs are able to move around the islands just like a car and can be driven after dark. Please follow all laws of the road. You may see golf carts driving on a dirt path on the side of the road. Those golf carts are limited on which streets they may travel. Our LSVs are permitted on all the island roads. They may not be driven or transported over the Isle of Palm Connector Bridge or Ben Sawyer Bridge.
LSVs are permitted to drive on any road that posts a speed limit up to 35 MPH. Since LSV’s are only permitted to drive at a 25 MPH maximum, many LSV drivers pull over to let cars pass, as a curtesy, when driving on a 30-35 MPH road.

Parking/Beach Access

There is designated golf cart parking in many popular places on the island. An LSV can park in any legal parking spot or designated golf cart parking. LSV parking for beach access is available at 9th Ocean Blvd, 25th Avenue, 28th Avenue, and 31st Avenue. There is also designated parking at the IOP Marina, as well as at the corner of Ocean Blvd and JC Long Blvd.

Please refer to South Carolina Code 56-2-100 for more information regarding LSVs on the roadways.

Sullivan’s Island Restaurants

  • The Co-Op
  • The Obstinate Daughter
  • Mex 1 Coastal Cantina
  • Poe’s Tavern
  • The Longboard
  • High Thyme Cuisine
  • Home Team BBQ
  • Pier 22 Sushi
  • Dunleavy’s Pub
  • Republic Ice Cream
  • Beardcat’s Sweet Shop


At Saltwater Rides, we want everyone that rents our LSV’s to have a fun and safe experience. Therefore, we have some overall rental guidelines that govern all of our rental contracts.

  1. The primary renter must be at least 25 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.
  2. Anyone driving the LSV must be at least 21 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.
  3. Drivers agree to be responsible for compliance with all laws and government regulations in the use of the golf cart or LSV.
  4. The number of passengers may not exceed the manufacturer’s designed and installed seating capacity.
  5. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be consumed in any of our LSV’s. No driver shall operate any cart while under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.

Additionally, all renters must sign a rental agreement and waiver prior to renting any LSV.


  • more than 30 days – full refund
  • 15-29 days – 50% refund
  • less than 14 days – 0% refund


Follow the cart charging guidelines below in order to get the most out of your golf cart or LSV rental and ensure it is fully charged when you want to use it!

  1. The cart will come with an onboard charger with charging cord which can be plugged into a standard outlet to start charging.
  2. Best practice is to plug in the cart when not in use.  With normal use you should see about 20-30 miles on a full charge.

Sullivan’s Island – Parking Guidelines and Rental Tips

For a complete list of local ordinances regarding the operation of golf carts and LSV’s on Sullivan’s Island, please visit:

Parking Guidelines

Golf carts and LSV’s may park in any regular parking spaces designated for cars. This includes parking at the restaurants on Middle Street as well as parking on the side of the street in designated right of way areas. Golf carts, in addition to cars, must have all tires off of the pavement and may not block the street or beach paths. No carts are permitted to park on beach access paths, nor may carts be parked or driven on the beach.

Helpful Tips

Utilizing a golf cart or LSV to travel around Sullivan’s Island has many helpful benefits. It is often much easier to access parking, especially downtown where parking is at a minimum. If you decide to rent an LSV, you can also take it to Isle of Palms, which makes parking there much easier.

When traveling the length of the island, utilize Ion Ave and Atlantic Ave when possible. They are both less traveled than Middle Street, and have a speed limit of 25 MPH. Middle Street is a great option for traveling the length of the island as well, but the speed limit is 35 MPH in most areas, and you will need to pull over and let cars pass much more often! Regardless of how you utilize them, a golf cart or LSV are super convenient and fun while visiting Sullivan’s Island!